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Wicked Rank is home to a new generation of country. From the hills of the midwest, we spend our days blending country and comfort. We knew when you wanted the best shirts, hats, and accessories, you wanted them now. That's why we invested in our website and being on the road to get exceptional goods from us to you. We love technology, but we would never let it replace personal connection. Everything we do—from the way we design our clothing to our customer service—is crafted to make you feel wicked good.

We believe in craftsmanship. And we take the time to know our products inside and out so we can help you select the right product based upon your fit and your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a fashion tank or you need the most comfortable hoodie for everyday living, we will help you find the product that is right for you. 

Here at Wicked Rank, we wear our boots, eat barbecue, and rodeo. We trail ride, get muddy, and float the river. Then we dress up and hit the road to get our fix of the city and its neon lights. We know that you hit that rodeo and had a jam up ride, a wicked run, or the rankest one in the pen and that is why our line is for you.
Wear your know you are Wicked Rank! 

Wicked [wik-id] Synonymous with reallyveryhella, awesome, cool, sweet, sick, amazing, rad, great, good, and crazy.
Rank [rangk] high position or station in the social or some similar scale, a class in any 
scale of comparison, relative position or standing. To be one of the strongest competitors
in the sport of rodeo.